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Michael Bazel, M.D.

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One in every four deaths in the United States is the result of heart disease, and it’s the leading cause of death for both men and women. Michael Bazel, MD, is a primary care physician and emergency medicine doctor who provides expert diagnostic EKG (electrocardiogram) testing for heart conditions. With locations in Panorama City, Bell, and Valley Village, California, you can get an EKG when you need one without the hassle of going to a different doctor’s office. To learn more, use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bazel, or call to make an appointment.


What is an EKG?

An EKG is a diagnostic test that provides insight into heart diseases. An EKG records your heart’s electrical activity so Dr. Bazel can interpret it and look for any signs of a developing or existing problem. EKGs are quick, safe, painless tests that provide significant information to Dr. Bazel so you can get the medical attention you need if the test reveals you have a heart condition.

What does an EKG show?

Each heartbeat causes an electrical impulse to travel through your heart. The EKG shows the timing of your heartbeat between the four upper and lower chambers of your heart. An EKG provides two types of information:

  • If your heart is beating at normal or irregular intervals (your heart’s rhythm)
  • If parts of your heart are too large or being overworked

The information from an EKG can indicate if you have poor blood flow to your heart, diagnose a heart attack, and identify thickening heart muscles.

What should I expect during an EKG?

In order to measure your heartbeat during an EKG you need to be hooked up to a series of electrodes that attach to your chest, arms, and legs. Dr. Bazel and his team attach adhesive pads to your skin in each area and you lie flat on your back while a computer records your heart activity. As the electrical impulses move through your heart, they are recorded on graph paper or a computer screen.

This type of EKG is known as a “resting EKG,” but Dr. Bazel may also perform the same tests while you exercise. After the tests, he interprets the EKG to determine if there are any areas of concern. Typically, a standard EKG takes just a few minutes.

When do I need an EKG?

Dr. Bazel may recommend an EKG if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath or lightheadedness
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Inability to exercise
  • Rapid or irregular pulse
  • History of family heart disease

If you have warning signs or symptoms of a heart attack, such as chest pain, nausea, or shortness of breath, seek urgent medical attention right away.

Otherwise, if you experience occasional heart palpitations or other symptoms that aren’t life-threatening, schedule an appointment for an EKG using the online booking tool, or call to schedule an appointment at the office location that’s most convenient for you.